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    Drop sets and supersets - for mass or definition?

    Would you say that drop-sets and super-sets are more for mass/strength training or for definition? Should they be used all the time?


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    Drop sets arn't going to increase your strength but their is grounds to say it could increase mass. Muscle comes in two sizes. Small and large fibers. The small fibres are what we use for strength. Thats why power lifters small in comparison to the weight they are lifting due to the fact that they have a restricted area to grow in. On the other hand the large fibres are what make the size. These work at around the 12 rep range and as the are bigger when they fill out they combine for bigger muscles.
    It's important to stress the body, if it doesn't have to be big it won't be. After every workout of lifting heavy I do aleast one drop set pushing my reps upto as high as 25. This also helps fill the muscle with blood for repair to start once you've finished stressing. Drop sets are the way forward

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