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    question for the experts

    Guys i have a question and i was wondering if u could help me out. Im tryin to bulk up and also have a mean six pack to go along wit it. But I also tend to eat a shitload before i go to bed like i eat my dinner and then pound of myoplex mass right after. So if u guys could please throw me some advice on how to eat a shit load but still get a 6 pack goin

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    My problem too...eating late. I seem fine during the day and dinner, get hungery, but not starved. But come 10:00-11:00 at night, I feel like I haven't ate for a year! For me it's been not to have any carbs after 7:00 and if I'm hungery I have protein. That seems to keep the mass up and the fat down.onder:

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    okay,... fundamentally, you should eat 5-6 meals per day spaced 3 hours apart if possible. When bulking or "adding mass and muscle" some fat gain is necessary, period (unless drug assisted). It is up to you as to how fast you want to gain mass and how low you want to keep fat levels. If you gradually increase your caloric intake over maintence level you will put on weight and keep fat to a minimum. there is a great post by devilsdiety on this... search for it for a better explaination.

    Bottom line, work on adding muscle and don't worry about fat... take care of that later, its really the only practicle and possible way todo it naturally. Some people can still see a good flexed six pack when bulking, while others only can see a six pack with strict cutting diet and lots of cardio... u just gotta experiment.

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    Eat shit loads 6 times a day BUT KEEP IT CLEAN(Low fat)

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