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    Read a great article in A&F for a chest work out by Jay Cuttler

    I admit it, i like to look tuff, but I think thats why most of us lift anyway?

    Many people have a hard time gaining real size because they are "ego lifting".

    Putting wieght as the first priority and form and isolation in 2nd and 2rd.

    It should be the other way around.

    Get back to that in a sec.

    Jay was saying for his chest, he always does Flys first, and it really makes sense. Doing long streching flys first gets a good stretch and isolates your pecs so well. Streching them, making them bigger then going into a incline press filling them up with about a pump.

    Then go to incline fly and flat or decline press.

    I did it today, definatly a bad ass chest work out, keeps you away from the heavy ass presses so is way better for injury prevention.

    Back to form/isolation now....

    If your feet are coming off the ground, or even moving, lower the wieght.

    Today I was on a mission, to keep 100% perfect form and concentrate compleatly on isolation.

    Normaly I do 105's for dumbell press, I was amazed when I grabed the 65's and did them only 8 times with perfect form, slow down, steady up in compleat and perfect control of the wieght concentrating on my pecs only. Not just trying to ge the wieght up, works so well.

    Try it, see how perfect you can get your form. See how low of a wieght you can use and still only pound out 6-12 reps and be exausted.

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    thats very true , if your form is perfect you dont need to go super heavy to get a good work out

    nice article

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    I'm a big fan of form, but if you are strictly wanting to increase your strength, you almost have to cheat.

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    i guess its all up to how your body reacts , personally i like the way ronnie trains , high reps , heavy weight , explosive power , i tried it and the body jus gets stronger every week ! ( i think sergio oliva trained like this also )

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