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    Help with a new workout routine

    I was just talking to someone and they said that my current workout is overtraining. Right now I workout five days a week and run 3-4 days a week. Everyday I workout a different body part, but supposively that is still over training my body.

    I was wonderin if that is true and if it is, I was going to start working out 3 days and week and running 3 days a week. If I start this workout I was wondering what body parts I should work each day, and how many sets to do with each body part. Any info. would be helpful. Thanks

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    3 day a week
    chest, tris
    back, bis
    legs, shoulders

    your only training one body part a week now, so thats not really grounds for over training (if your trying to cut up)
    "The most common symptom is fatigue. This may limit workouts and may be present at rest. The athlete may also become moody, easily irritated, have altered sleep patterns, become depressed, or lose the competitive desire and enthusiasm for the sport. Some will report decreased appetite and weight loss. Physical symptoms include persistent muscular soreness, increased frequency of viral illnesses, and increased incidence of injuries. "

    if your seeing results w/ your current program , your happy w/ what you are doing and your not experiencing the symptoms of overtraining , id ask the ppl who told you your overtraining what qualifacations they have to suggest that to you.

    DD ;D

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    bro i have been asked and have stated my workout numerous times but i love to so i will do it again

    i was training 4-5 days a week and stuck at 220 area so i dropped to 3 days a week and changed my training to a workout based on bench/squat/deads with body building training incorperated around them and i now weigh 244 and am bigger than ever before

    so yes it is easy to over train---unless you dont work,have no family,eat all day and are jacked

    my routine which only changes slightly

    FLAT BENCH---10-12 total sets counting warm ups with reps of approx.16,16,12,10,8,6,3 at 3-5 and sometimes two drop sets at 8 then 12 reps
    chest done
    Floor press---3 sets or heavy movement
    Push downs---5-6 sets
    tris done
    2 sets each side,front,rear db raises
    day 1 done

    Wednesday---BACK/TRAPS/BI S
    Deads or partial deads--uaually 8-10 set with same scheme as bench
    Pull downs 3-4 sets
    Shrugs---bar or db 4-6 sets as many as can
    Biceps 6 sets of curls
    day 2 done

    Squats ---same rep and set scheme as bench and deads
    Leg press---1 x per month with squats and 1 x per month instead of squats
    Leg curls---3 sets 10 rep range

    this is basically what i do and it got me big--and with your running you will stay lean

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