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    Westside Barbell Club and Louie Simmons

    I was wondering if anyone follows westside training methods or has even heard of them?
    Westside barbell is according to Louie Simmons and many others in the Powerlifting world the stongest gym in the world.
    I've seen some of the numbers that members of Westside Barbell have put up and they're impressive to say the least.
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    yes i do and 2 of my training partners, 1 benches 620, only train westside-- it is strickly power lifting

    if you want to know westside go to elite fitness power lifting section and thats what they talk about the most

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    A friend of mine moved to Columbus Ohio and told me he was training at Westside barbell Club a couple years ago. He only weighed 145 lbs. and I've seen him bench 365 lbs.

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