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Thread: Chest Questions

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    Chest Questions

    Hey everyone, I am new to this board. This is a pretty informative board and I would love to get your input on some things.

    First of all I am 19 years old..6' 200lbs and probably about 10%-9% bodyfat. I lifted year round from sixth grade until I graduated from high school. After I graduated I didnt work out for 2 years yet I remained evry physically active. Back in January I decided to get back into working out. So I have been hitting it hard for about 4 months and do not plan on slowing down. The first two weeks I worked out I went up 15 pounds in my weight. My weight has stayedthere ever since but my BF keeps going down. I have probably dropped 5% on my bodyfat. I have completely left my workout parterners in the dust, they cant even come closer to keeping up. They are getting stronger but I am getting stronger in bigger jumps. We maxed on bench the other day and they went up 5 pounds in a month and I went up 25 pounds.

    I just now have swtiched my routine up. I am now on a tri/bi, back/shoulders, Chest, legs 4 day routine.

    What are the best exercises for shaping the chest for that perfect look? My chest day consists of
    -Flat Dumbell Press 3x(6-10)
    -Pec Deck 3x(6-10)
    -Decline Barbell 3x(6-10)
    -Incline Barbell 3x(6-10)

    Is there anything I am doing wrong or is this a pretty good chest day? Any other excises to do or substitue? Please give me some feedback.

    PS I do regular bench on my tri/bi Day cause I have a narrower grip than most people.

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    Thats a pretty solid routine Similiar to mine But instead of three sets i usually do for good sets per exercise and i usually pick 4 exercises 16 total I dont know whats available at your gym bu t i know that machines like Hammer Strenght are a great sub and give my a good pump And switch the oreder of which you do the exercises Dont always start on a flat bench If you start flat bench one week the next week start with inclines If you went up 25lbs in one month you are definately doing something right Keep it up man

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