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    I read the post where people work out there legs 2 times a week.
    But they break it up cavs on one day and quads. And on a diff day they do hamstring. What I need to know is it ok to do all legs groups 2 times per week, or is that over doing it.

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    its a personal preference, but if you dont not see the results your looking for in a couple months i would change up your leg routein

    im trying to get my legs to grow and get caught up w/ the rest of my body (had to lay off legs cause of a back injury) so i only do legs once a week

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    I have done legs twice a week....its usually broken up into a regular leg routine and then a power day. so on the regular day i would do leg press, extensions, things like that, and on my power day i would do front and back squats, cleans, snatches, and hip flexor work.

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