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    thick and big back

    if you want to thicken your back give this a try and let me know how it works

    do partial deads 1 x per week then straight into bar shrugs
    do the deads a little different

    put pin at knee level--put hands on bar both on top not one under/over---put hands about both hands thumbs length apart---roll shoulders forward(like trying to flex back)take bar down and touch pin,come back up like a partial,when get to the top roll bar back and squeeze and hold,roll shoulders forward and repeat
    do 6-8 sets counting warm ups with work sets at 5 rep range
    then do shrugs this will make your back and traps grow

    the rolling forward gets a strech and the squeezing backward makes muscles flex--this will make back grow

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    great suggestions Tapout !

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    I have been incorporating this into my workouts for about three month's. I was doing dead lift shrugs which sound similar. These have been great for my back developement. Great suggestion!

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