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    Bent Over Barbell Rows??

    Everytime I do these they feel great.The thing is the next day my back is sore as well as my neck.I mean real sore...The back and front of my neck.Does this happen to anyone?

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    Sounds like you may be rounding your back when you do it. Make sure that your back remains flat with even a slight concave to it. Lock your eyes on a spot ahead of you about chest height (while standing strait) and keep them there, lean over as to where you're not completely bent over, but pretty close. Some guys like to only lean over slightly when doing this excercise because you are able to lift more weight, but then the excercise is hardly a bent over row anymore is it? Keep your elbows in and pull with your back. Make sure that the weight isn't so heavy as that you feel you need momentum to do the rep. This may be another reason for the neck pain. The sudden jerk may be playing havoc with your vertebrate. Just a strong heavy pull. I also use an outside grip while I do em, to minimize bicep involvement.

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    big red has right idea

    also if you are keeping your head too high puts strain on neck

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    Place a barbell on the floor in front of you. With your feet about 18 inches apart bend down and get a grip on the barbell that is about 26 inches wide. Keep the legs bent and your back parallel to the floor as you exhale and pull the weight up to the lower part of the chest. Inhale as the barbell returns to the starting position. Do not let the barbell touch the floor once you have begun this exercise. Keep your head up and your back straight.
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    Keep the head up. Looking upwards (like Big red sez) prevents the back from curving and lowers stress along the whole back, in my experience.
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    Scotty, beam me up
    I have heard that its pointless to lean forward more then 45 degres.

    And every vidoe I have seen of a pro working out so far they have only been leanin slightely, they must know something we dont.

    Anyone here with a awsome back, how do you perform the bent over bb rows??

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    i find i get a much better contraction by sliightly bending over and pullind towards my waist , if anyones seen Dorians tape Blood and Guts you will know what im talking about , i do them over hand grip , but every few months depending on progress ill change to underhand grip for a while my back is one of my best parts if not my best body part

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    i usally do these facing the mirror. i find i feel it better if i pull more toward my waste. i face the mirror so i can look myself in the face. that way your always looking up so your back isnt prone to round as much. make sure to keeps your abs flexed and shoulders back.

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    Had the same problem for some time. Had a friend correct me. I was arching my back to much. Also found when I moved my elbows in more it helped.

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    chest supported rows are fine as well

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