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    Arrow Any benefit to more than 45min cardio?

    The agerage person on this forum does 45mins of cardio. Some people say its sufficient, some say not enough, what do you say? Is more than 45mins of cardio too much?

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    It can be.

    I increase or decrese my cardio according to the results i'm seeing.

    Earlier in my career i did two hour sessions.

    Looking back i know now that's overkill...and can precipitate catabolism... but i still don't agree with the opinion that 45 minutes of cardio is the most one should do.

    For my last contest prep i varied between 30 minutes and 75-90 minutes...more when i fond myself behind in my prep....less when i was getting in shape too fast.

    More is better with a point.

    IT's important to find out where your 'point' is.

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