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    Mrform's FORMula for bodybuilding results!

    Hello All,

    Mrform2006 here.

    Laying down my bodybuilding routine called Mrform's FORMula for Bodybuilding Results.

    there is so much debate and controversy regarding:

    low reps vs high reps
    the pump vs heavy weights or the overload principle
    fast twitched vs slow twitched

    I combined the two

    Here is my Friday Bicep routine

    Barbell Curls 115x8, 125x6
    Preacher Curls 90x8, 105x8,115x6
    Dumbbell incline curls 45x8, 50x6
    Barbell Curls 75x12, 85x10
    Preacher Curls 70x12, 80x10
    Dumbbell incline curls 30x12, 35x10

    start by picking your bicep exercises
    then do each exercise very heavy for 6-8 reps to failure
    then go back and do the exercise for 10-12 reps to failure

    you get the best of both worlds
    heavy weights in the beginning when you are most fresh
    then you back and do 10-12 reps for the pump

    awesome results!!!!!

    feel free to comment

    thank you,


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    Kinda looks like Fred Hatfield's holistic training. You pick a heavy compound movement for low reps, followed by a good full range movement for mid-reps then ending with a full-stretch movemnt for high reps. You giantset this for a few rotations... kinda like this: Heavy, Mid, Heavy, Mid, Heavy, Light, Heavy, Mid, Heavy, Light, Heavy, Light, Heavy. Gets a good pump going and helps train the muscle from the inside out - fast twitch to slow twitch. I find it really difficult to get through it with full effort for chest... but most effective on delts and arms. Makes me puke doing it for legs

    Anyway... I like to see people experiment around here and post their efforts... welcome to the board!

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    13 sets for biceps, well some would consider that overtraining. You will definitely get overtraining by doing the different rep ranges though; the nervous system will be taxed too heavily. I'd imagine you shake for hours after this workout.

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