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    Should I start Cardio???????????????

    I just started my first cycle of Test-cyp. 400mg a week, I am planning on a 14 week cycle.

    I have been training my ass off for 3 years now, I never miss the gym or a meal. I am 5'7" 240#'s I am not sure of my body fat. I have 19" arms cold 34-35" waist. I want to start slimming my stomach up. I am in my 3rd week of my cycle, how much cardio should I do to just slim my stomach, I plan on cutting around January.

    I dont do any cardio at all right now, so if I start should I do it 1st thing in the am on an empty stomach?
    I dont want my gut to get out of control.


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    You should have taken care of the fat before you started cycling. If you're bulking I would do no more then 20min 3x a week to keep your cardiovascular system healthy, otherwise you're going to have a negative impact on muscle growth imo. I would just wait until your cycle is finished now before you slim down.

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