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    how much will it affect me if i workout while on gear with out some one to spot

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    unless you're working out in your basement, just ask for a spot when you need it. I always have a spot for military press, bench, and squats (all barbell of course). dont need a spot for dumbbells......

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    if you dont get that same workout blast without a spot then just ask man.

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    a spotter is always best as you will have more confidence to push more weight knowing that if you cant lift it back onto the stand that you have someone to bail you out.

    On the other hand, if i dont have a spotter available I find that i know my limits before i even try to push out that last rep and even if i go for 1 more, i always get it back on the stand (apart from that one time I dropped the

    your call bro

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    Quote Originally Posted by rocky20
    how much will it affect me if i workout while on gear with out some one to spot
    whats the gear got to do with a spoter????

    if you need spotter call out for one if not then dont...
    just dont get why you said it that way..

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    most gyms have people there who are willing to help with a spot, but i know what you mean i hate asking for someone to help me, unless im doing more than normal for a last set or something.

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