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    Question a change

    since my last post which wasnt very good on my workout iv come up with this....

    monday] chest

    tuesday] back

    wednesday] off


    friday] arms

    saturday] legs

    sunday] off

    repeat on monday or take another day off then start im currently taking sus and have heard u can recooperate faster any is it ok

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    Don't bother bumping, people will answer if they feel like it

    Shoulders on their own day eh? Along with a chest day and back day you will be working your shoulders at least twice a week. Back day automatically hits the posterior deltoid and chest day automatically hits the anterior deltoid. This would cut your shoulder day to just medial deltoids which would be a waste of time. Put anteriors and medials with chest, and rear delts with back to compact your split.

    Arms on their own day isn't practical. You would be doing silly isolation movements and these don't build big strong arms. They have their place in arm workouts, but you need compound exercises as well such as dips, close grip, pullups and rows to make your arms grow. That is why biceps should be with back and triceps with chest so that you could avoid overlapping by doing corresponding exercises all at once.


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