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    mmm diet coke with lemon

    Need a new routine

    I am only able to workout 3x a week now because of work so what would you all suggest as a break down and what exercises would you include and the big question is WHY do you chose what you did?

    thanks all.

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    like i've posted many times--i was 220 area and could not get bigger about 1 and 1/2 years ago. i was doing 4 to 5 days per week training. i dropped to 3 days per week and a 80% power training routine and a 20% bodybuilder routine and i went up to 242lbs. it got me big dropping days. i feel 3-4 days is perfect.
    i am adjusting my training a little to about a 50% power training and 25% each for strength and body building.why to get harder and better for ju jitsu fighting and compititions and have a little better wind and endurance.

    my routine looks like this
    flat bench 8-10 sets rep range of 16,12,10,8,5,5,5, and sometimes 2 sets of 3 or a set of 10 rep out
    incline or fly(if feel need it) 2 sets 8-10 rep range
    hammer military press 2-4 sets
    front,side ,rear dbell raises super setted together for 2 sets of 20 rep range
    floor press 2-4 sets for tris
    push downs (rope or a bar) 4 rep range
    machine dip 2 sets if needed

    real or partial deads 8 set area with same reps as bench usually done with hands to front of bar close together and roll shoulders forward,down,touch,roll back and squeeze
    shrugs db or bar 4 set area
    pulldowns 3-4 set area
    sometimes some type of row in 2 sets area of 8 rep area
    6 sets of biceps of some type of curl depending on feel

    friday --legs
    squats or leg press in 8-10 set area with same reps as bench if squating or more reps if doing leg press
    hamstring curls 2-3 set range
    sometimes extensions 2-3 set range

    i dont do much calves just while doing squat or leg press as these work them great and they grow if i dont train them

    thats pretty much it,sometimes i add something or take something away --pm if question

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