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    Problems with my current split, need advice and critique...

    I have currently been using the split where I train each body part one time per week. For example:

    Mon - Back and Biceps
    Wed - Legs
    Fri - Chest and Tri's
    Sun - Shoulders

    However, I have heard from a few different trainers that this split really only benefits people who are cycling. I am all natural now and will be for a while.

    I was thinking of trying a split where I could work each bodypart 2 times per week. But I would only do 1-4 sets on that bodypart vs. 5-20 sets with the old split. I think the lower sets would be good becuase I would be training the bodypart 2 times per week. And I would do different exercises each week so I wouldn't be doing the same thing all the time.

    Do you guys have any suggestions or ideas for me? Here are my stats just in case you are wondering.

    19 years old
    15-20% bf.
    6 years lifting on and off(2 years of serious lifting)

    Thanks for the help guys.

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    Ok, I'm a dumbass and just realized I posted in the general questions forum and not the workout one. Would any of you mods mind switching this thread over for me?? Thanks a lot.

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    Actually your body recovers faster while on a cycle. So it would be better to do every body twice a week while on if at all. I tried it but for me once a week is just right. Everyone is different, Arnold worked every body part 3-4 times a week (what a freak ).

    To answer your question once a week is good and your split is fine. If you wanna try twice go for it. You will know if its right for you right away. IMO its overkill for most but try if you like.

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    For me working out every muscle twice a week is perfect. For the most part I stick with that, but of course change it up to once a week from time to time.

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    I run the same exact split (just different days of the week), and it works fine for me.

    I was on a 6 day a week split which worked fine for me until I put a month into it and started seeing a lot of the symptoms of overtraining.

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