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    On the AST sight they claim that if you do sets of 4-6 that you will always gain, and if your diet is right then you will be defined. And that drop sets burn muscle gain.

    However, on the contrary I have also read that doing reverse pyramid is best the way to do.

    Sure the quick and tasty reply would be to do what works best... but that is the thing I am severly stuck at 190 and want to be shaped better with more defintion.

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    When I bulk, I go heavy on the weight and do sets of 8-6-4.....

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    I pyramid down
    3-4 warm ups and then start at my max and work down.
    That way I can test my max out every week.
    Since I started doing that about 1 month ago, I've put 60Lbs. on flat bench and 50lbs on incline.

    I do it on all excercises with good gains but bench is the most significant.

    Actually IMO, I think it would probably be a good idea to alternate between going up and down in weight periodically month to month. But as long as I'm making gains, I stick with what I'm doing

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    Yeah, thats an interesting topic actually because 4-6 sets does not work for everyone unfortunately. I personally believe that drop sets and super sets and so called "Weider" techniques work really good for me. They really bring out striations. At least I think so. I don't have any medical proof tho.

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    i put alot of size on by pyramiding up and doing 3 days a week super heavy and intense. with about 10 total sets including warm ups for big body parts and 6 total sets for small ones doing reps from 10-8-6-4-2 range and last set some weeks ending heavy and sometimes repping out

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