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    need advice please read

    in my recent times i went on a gaining phase i put on 40lbs
    i cut that down to lean mass and it was 20lbs
    right now i believed i reached a plateau and cant lose anymore weight
    i have increased cardio 3 sessions per day for 30mins each
    1: before breakfast
    2: shortly after my weight training
    3: afternoon
    before when i cut off that extra 20lbs i performed cardio twice a day 30mins sessions
    at this time its bumped up to 3 sessions in attempts to lose those extra pounds around my waist
    i workout 5days a week
    my diet is high in protein, low fat, low carbs at this present time
    later on i'm thinking about adding MCT to the mix
    i'm 5'11 currently 210, bodyfat 14%
    my goal is to lose those few extra pounds and preserve as much musle as i can. only supplement product i currently use is glutamine.
    any suggestions on how to shed a few more pounds while preserving lean mass
    a ratio of carbs:Pro:fat would be appreciated for someone at my body composition
    thanks for your time
    your advice is greatly appreciated

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    to get lean i drop my carbs to under 100grams for 3 days then do a 150grams carbs a day then back to 2 days of under 100 grams then the 7th day eat anything i want it shocks metabolism. during the drop days i up protein and fat for energy and maintain muscle size
    you may be doing too much cardio and have put your body into a fat sparing mode.remember the body was not desigined to be big and muscular that means it takes more to maintain and your body when stressed will hold onto fat harder to protect itself and use muscle for its energy. try to drop cardio to 45 minutes 1 x per day and quit worrying so much about it as the mind can play tricks on the body when its stressed
    also maybe try eca stack,some of the ripping pills(hydroxycut or ripped fuel) clen or t3(check many posts on how to run last two)

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    Basic fact. YOU MUST CONSUME LESS CALORIES THAN YOU EXPEND. Workout how many calories a day you need to maintain then deduct 500 kcals to lose1lb a week or 1000kcals to lose 2lbs a week. Calorie counting is the only way. Also you will be better doing 1hr cadio than 3 30 mins because once you get past 30 mins the proportion of fat burned increses linearly. Otherwise you will be justburining mainly carbs. Do the 1hr cardio in the morining before any food, however have glutamine to prevent catabolism. Good luck.

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    thanks for the input

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    Watch the carbs and maybe change up the cardio routine?

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