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    Bench press form

    I dont havea video so i will describe what im going.

    I started using the barbell a couple of weeks ago for bench pressing because my db bench press has stalled completely. ANyway if i do it with the flared out elbows my shoulders will hrt badly. Badly enough to makeme stop pushing the weight.

    So today while benching i put my pinky on that smooth line (i dunno what its called?) and when bringing th bar down i tucked my elbows in - justl ike i was doing close grip bench but with a wider grip.

    WHat are the pros/cons to doing this? I can't hold wide and press with flared out elbows because my shoulders hurt badly.

    Note that i also 'felt' chest in a very different way today - a way i ahvent felt in the longest time.

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    I use to get very bad pains in my shoulders when using a barbell. I tried a few different things and what works for me is I dont bring the bar all the way to my chest I stay off about 2 inches, this helps take the strain off the shoulders. When you tuck your elbows in you are also taking alot of pressure off your shoulders and are now using more tricep in your press.

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    I couldnt resist a bench press form thread

    You need to have your forearm vertical at the bottom of the lift with a right angle between lower and upper arm. This is for max power. Just adjust your hand spread until this happens. Practice with just bar.

    Given special exercise attention to rear delts to help prevent bench-press induced shoulder problems.

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    Tucking your elbows in will reduce the effect on your pec's. I would ask someone there to observe your'e technique while your lifting.

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    Check out there is a section called the fit show, there are videos of some workouts and it shows the correct form for bench pressing.

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    check that out and hopefully it helps. Also, I just put my hands pretty much on that smooth line you are talking about and come down til my elbows are at a 90 degree, I dont come down to my chest because it stresses my shoulders real bad. Anyways, good luck man...its not worth ruining your shoulder just to bench press heavy unless you are really into powerlifting and such.

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