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    Lightheaded on leg days

    im getting back into doing legs and today was my third week back doing them and the 10th rep of my second working set was hell. i pushed it out all the way and got an instant headache like in the back of my neck closer to my head. the two weeks before this i have felt like passing out and not even into my workout very much. just wondering if any of you have experienced the same thing. i ate a cup of oats and 25g protein about 20-30 mins before i got there so i didnt go in the gym fasting. is there something i should take to increase blood flow or something like that? anyway thanks for the help

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    1) make sure you are breathing correctly

    2) depending on the weight i get the same thing. Legs are the biggest muscle which makes them the toughtest. Why do you think most people neglect them.

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    If aren't doing any cardio, start!!! Training legs draws a lot of blood into them and away from your torso and head. The better your cardio the less you will feel like fainting/feeling dizzy.

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