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    Shrinking Waist? Nark?

    In a recent thread, one member asked how to get a smaller waist. In responding, Nark replied, in part, that he wore a belt while training.

    Perhaps I missunderstood and Nark can clear this up or perhaps some fold think wearing a belt while training can help to reduce the waist. It seems to me like waist size is based primarily on bone structure, i.e. the width or your hips, etc., and would not be affected by wearing a belt. Nark or anyone else have thoughts on this?

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    im no expert but if your bodyfat is low your waist is going to stay the way it is. belts dont make hip bones smaller.

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    Didn't say anything about "belts shrinking the waist"

    What i said is i don't train abs directly... and i wear a belt during training.

    The combination keeps my waist size in check.

    Not training abs directly reduces abdominal hypertrophy... The indirect stimulation abs get as a secondary support muscle is enough 'maintain' development..

    Wearing a belt reduces oblique recruitment imo.. which will reduce oblique hypertrophy.. and thus prevent the waist from getting bigger

    Makes sense??


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    If you do do ab exercise - also don't do it weighted - this too causes bulk

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    What known abb exercises thickens ur waist en which ones does not? I am interested in the latter seeing I have a wide waist!! :-(

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    good job exlax... this thread is over 2 yaers old...

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