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    Female looking for training help..

    Hi guys, I am new to these boards and just wanted to ask everyone's opinion. I am wanting to start a bulking routine. My trainer at my fitness club has me doing 4 days on and 2 days on, 4 on 2 off, etc. Does this sound like a realistic program to bulk? It has me eating high carlories/protein. My workout program has me doing on avg. 4 exercises per muscle doing 4 sets of 9 reps. Thanks for any info. -lilt

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    are those 4 days consequetive?

    4 exercises per BIG muscle sounds fine BUT for small groups, that is abit excessive

    JMO at first glance

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    That acutally doesnt sound half bad. Most the time these trainers really are quite retarded. But to be honest with you... there is such a big wealth of information this site and all the people on here that you will get better info and better results using this site. And keeping your money in your pocket.

    Give us some of your stats, height, weight.. etc. as well as your goals of where you would like to be, what your looking for exactly. And we'll be able to help you out no problem

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    What have the results been like thus far? Are you not satisfied? Need more info...

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    what is the training like?

    What is your diet like?

    Age, weight goals - all this is necessary please

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