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    Post new work out

    90 seconds to failure
    I've been doing a workout that seems to be working really nice for me. actual size gains were noticable after 3 weeks, but the kicker is the strength gains, my max on bench went from 255 to 295 in that short time after peaking at the 255 for close to 6 months...maybe i was in a rut or maybe it was just time for me to grow again, who knows...but i attribute it to this workout...

    how? basicly start out with large muscle groups doing compound lifts, but the idea is to do continuous controlled reps for 90 seconds. at the end of that 90 seconds you should be failing, if you are not, increase the weight. i try to keep the weight at a level where i fail somewhere between 85-95 seconds. when you are starting out, you will most likely over estimate yourself, i know i did...90 seconds of a lift doesnt SOUND like a long time, but drop that iron on there and see how it feels...if you are failing far before the mark of 90 seconds drop the weight quick and add an additional 10 seconds.

    after the large muscle groups, hit each individual muscle for the 90 seconds to failure. again, make sure you are using a weight you will atleast get close to that 90 second failure mark. note: if you can still use that muscle/muscle group after those 90 seconds, YOU DIDNT LIFT ENOUGH, this will burn like hell and hurt, quads and then hams make me want to puke it hurts so good >=)

    how often? we'll i've been able to hit the workout 3-4 times a week without exhausting myself and maintining atleast small gains every week. i'd imagine as your weights you are using for the sets increase you might have to back down to 2-3 times a week atleast thats how i'd imagine recovery would go for those of us not using any gear yet, for those of us on gear...KEEP ON TRUCKIN...

    cred? well, i dont have a phd or anything, but this technique is based on a new book written by a group of trainers that work for the FBI, someone i know works within the agency and his trainers are the people who wrote it, seems to be workin good for him. anyways im trying to get him to send me a copy of the book so i can read a bit more into it. because im an idiot i cant remember any of the names of the phd's that wrote the book nor do i remember the book's title...kind of hard to get ahold of him right now with the anniversary(9/11) coming up...i will try to atleast get a name and/or name of book to back this up so you know im not just a crack job blowin smoke up your @ss =)

    simply remember, single set for each group failing at 90 seconds, single set for each muscle failing at 90 seconds. the entire workout should take close to half an hour and should not have anything more than 45seconds between different sets/groups. note this isnt a split from front to back or legs and upper body, its full body every workout. you can even count this as your cardio for the day according to the book(from what my friend said) and just hit your regular cardio on the off days

    also, there is a whole technique/theory behind this, and as i've said, this is only a gross rundown and until i get the book myself, take it for what its worth, a workout that is WORKING for ME...i will add to/modify this post as soon as i get some more solid info

    give it a try for a few weeks, let me know how you feel


    p.s. i should also mention, DONT max out heavy weight any more than once every three weeks just to test your progress, this also goes along with the
    blown_sc articles on better strength i just happened to notice there are a few similarites from how i got it explained and what i've read there.

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    I read something like this at a health library. It was called
    'Time under tension'. Powerlifters don't do this. They do singles.

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    Im very interested in this as I see it can be good for cutting becuase your HR would be up nonstop therefore much more calorie loss. I just havent grasped the full concept yet. Mind outling what you do for example in one single day?

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