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    Please critique my workout

    What's up fellas. I'm just coming back from 2 surgeries that I had. An umbilical hernia surgery in April (from deadlifting) and a torn pec surgery (from flat bench pressing) that I had in May. My pain has gone down ALOT. I am done with PT and I'm cleared to go back to lifting. I will be changing my routine (doing different exercises than listed) every 3 weeks. I'm 26 years old and have been lifting on/off for about 11 years but only in the last 2 years have I really been dedicated and educated in terms of workout, nutrition, and suppplement knowledge. For now I will only be taking multi vitamins, vit c caps, whey+dex PWO, slow blend pro+flax at bedtime, no AAS or HGH (for now anyway). How does this look:

    Four days a week

    Day 1 Mon.

    1. Seated cable rows to abs 10,8,6
    2. Seated cable rows to neck (using rope) 10,8,6
    3. Close grip lat pulldowns 10,8,6
    4. Wide grip lat pulldowns 10,8,6
    5. Seated hammer curls 12,10,8
    6. Standing straight bar curls 12,10,8

    Day 2 Tues.

    1. Flat dumbell press 10,8,6
    2. Incline dumbell press 10,8,6
    3. Flat dumbell flys 12,10,8
    4. Cable internal rotation 12,10,8
    5. Tricep pushdowns (overhand straight bar) 12,10,8
    6. 4 way neck machine 12,10,8



    Day 3 Thurs.

    1. Squats 10,8,6
    2. Leg extensions 12,10,8
    3. Lying leg curls 12,10,8
    4. Standing calve raises 12,10,8
    5. Ab crunch machine 12,10,8
    6. Oblique twist machine 12,10,8

    Day 4 Fri.

    1. Seated overhead dumbell press 10,8,6
    2. Seated front dumbell raises 12,10,8
    3. Seated lateral raises 12,10,8
    4. Bent over reverse flys (rear delts) 12,10,8
    5. Dumbell upright external rotation 12,10,8
    6. Barbell shrugs 12,10,8





    Am I doing too much? Too little? I will start off EXTREMELY light and every week gradually move up in weight. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    I wouldn't work out at all until the pain went away completely.

    It's been 20 days. How did it go? Any pain?

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    My advice is, BE VERY FVCKING CAREFULL !!!!!!

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