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    Weightless Work Outs

    This is going to sound like a painfully stupid question, but does anybody have any good weightless work outs?

    By this I mean a series of push-ups, reverse dips, etc.--stuff that can be done without any sort of equipment or neccesitating a trip to the gym.

    Yes, I know, it's better to hit the gym, but that's not practical with where I'll be staying for the next few months so any help would be appreciated.

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    pull-ups, free squats, one leg squats, there are things you could use as resistance, like bands or surgical tubing, garbage bags filled with water, chairs. You just have to be creative I have been in some pretty bad situations and have always found a way to get my workouts in.

    I hope this helped out.


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    I think that for overall health, calisthenics cannot be beat. If one were to commit to regular series of workputs that included: pushups, pullups, situps, hand-stand pushups, deep-knee bends, mountain climbers, and maybe some bends and thrusts that would get you in great shape and build solid muscle too.

    Your not going to be ready for the Olympia any time soon but consider all of the military types that are in fantastic shape doing nothing more than this type of stuff.


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    search for a thread with a title something like "can you press your own weight" ... lots of good info on this sort of thing.

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