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    Bicepts slow to grow

    My bi's have always been slow to grow, but since i started training CORRECTLY instead of just dick lifting, my tri's have begun to bust out while my bi's are still the turtle of the race

    Heres my workout

    1 warm up set strait bar curls
    3x8-12 reps SB Curls
    3x8-12 reps preacher curls
    3x8-12 reps incline dumbell curls
    3x10 reps concentration curls
    1 rep out set cable curls

    anything u guys would recommend? just lookin for some new stuff to beat up the boys


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    i do:

    barbell curls 4x8
    standing curls 4x8
    inclube curls 4x8
    preacher curls 4x8
    cable curls towards the head 4x8 (dunno what it is called :P)

    and tri's
    skull busters

    all this on one day once/twice a week

    arms 48 cm atm

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    Switch up your routine every once in a while to shock your muscles.
    Substitute concentrations with hammer curls for a few weeks, or slap some on the flat bar for a week or two.
    Vary your reps sometimes.
    Every few weeks, I finsh out a couple of workouts with a 25-30 rep set just to get a burn from something different.

    You also might want to try raising weight and lowering reps.

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    The Bicep is a small muscle and only needs 5-7 sets to stimulate growth.
    I admire your determination beleive me, but more is not always better. Your promblem can actually be overtraining. Let me ask you this are you doing the 13 sets for tri's as well??? if so then that proves my point. The Tricep is bigger then the bi and if your doing the same amount of effort and the tricep grows then you are not overtrainig the tricep hence growth.
    My advice, cut it in half I know that you will feel that your are not doing enough, just train harder for the six sets also most important CONCENTRATE ON THE NEGATIVE I can't tell you how much this helped me bro raise to the top squeeze and return slowly and try to have 1min-1.5 min rest in between sets this will keep the pump and lead to growth.
    sample workout switch to add variety....
    Standing curl
    1-warmup 12reps
    Hammer Curl
    1-warmup 12 reps
    1-ALL OUT 8 REPS
    Concentration curls
    same thing....

    I hope this helps man it did for me....

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    Do biceps only 1/week and only do 3 exercices.

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    Same here. 3 exercises, and i also switch it up every 2 weeks. 9 sets total 6-8 reps. Seems to work pretty good for me.

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