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    Anyone ever notice...

    When reading articles about this or that pro's workouts, they tell you all about how strick their form is. But when you either see some of them in person or on video's, they're throwing shit around with no attention paid to strick form...

    It just makes me wonder....

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    Sometimes we get beside outselves. I make sure that i always start out with the strictest of form. I try to pay careful attention to each rep, but i also find that when i start to fail that sometimes i do tend to cheat to get that last rep. I workout alone, and i don't have a spotter(wish i did)

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    you got to remember they are trying to sell articles also. every time you read about someones workout 2 months later its all different. theres no big secert to getting big and if there was you could bet the pros arent going to tell it as other people would also benefit from it and get like them.
    these guys dont look like that year round--they bulk up and throw heavy weights in off season and cut down and go to stricter movements in season(thats when all the pics are taken between a month area period and used all year long)

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    well i dont know if they really use strict form but i try to all the time i also workout alone and i like thet way nobody to hold me back or cacht up to i always look in the mirror to see if im doing correct form

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