Hey guys;

Kind of new to the page - been reading it for a couple months, but this is my first post.

1) Anyone from Boston out there? Superfitness members?

2) Im 31, 6'2" 187 - looking to pack on the muscle. Been lifting on and off for a few years. The past few months Ive seen my best results. Im eating about 4/5 times a day (breakfast, lunch, 4 PM snack, dinner around 7:30 and a bedtime protien shake around 10:30). Meals usually consist of chicken breast or sliced turkey. Breakfast is almost always grapenuts.

3) Try to work out Tue-Thurs, Sat and Sun doing one body part per session - chest, shoulders, back, arms, legs, repeat. Mix up the workout and try to concentrate on dumb bells vs. barbells or machienes.

4) Havent done steroids yet - toying with the idea. Want to make sure that I am getting as far as I can without them. Would love to pack on 15lbs of muscle and tighten up my bod - right now at 32/31 waist and 42 chest. Not sure of my arms or quads - but kind of spagetti like. Naturally my main concern with juice is the side effects -bitchtits and the like. Would also like to increase my big lifts - bench, squats, deads.

Not sure what else to tell you all - would love any advice anyone has....