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    cardo is this ok

    would it be ok to do cardo before my workouts like run on the tred for 20 min then go into my routine?

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    it would be ok if used it for a warm up but i would not go to intense as it will hurt your workout .the energy wont be there .After i do my cardio session of 20 min i am pouring with sweat and so i would not be able to give it my all in my workouts.

    Besides the best time to do cardio is in the morning before you eat when you burn ab fat due to the fact you havent eaten in 8 hours or so.

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    I personally do my workout for the day (one muscle group per day) then i do my cardio.

    after jogging 2 miles or fast walking with an incline i am just tired. If i did it before im quite sure i wouldnt give it my all on the weights.

    i do 25 mins post weights and 35 mins non weight days. I could do more actually but im just breaking into jogging for that long. hehe its a trip fora fatboy to run two miles a day.

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