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    !!!! New Workout Routine !!!!

    WEEK 1 WEEK 2 WEEK 3

    Mon Mon Mon
    Chest & Triceps Back & Biceps Shoulders & Traps

    Tue Tue Tue
    Back & Biceps Shoulders & Traps Chest & Triceps

    Wed Wed Wed
    Shoulder & Traps Chest & Triceps Back & Biceps

    Thu Thu Thu
    Legs & Forearms Legs & Forearms Legs & Forearms

    Fri Fri Fri
    Chest & Arms Back & Arms Shoulders & Arms

    On week 4 I start all over again. Every week I do different excercises for each muscle group (i.e. Chest: 1st week I'll do barbell. 2nd week dumbells. 3rd week machines) I do 4-5 excercises per muscle group.
    This includes abs Mon, Wed, and Fri with 30 min. cardio in the mornings on the same days.

    What do you guys think of this routine? Too much? too little?
    Let me know.

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    Many of us have decided to use a splt that allows out muscle groups to rest as much as we can per week.

    naturally groups like tris get worked even when your not meaning to with press exercises.

    You may want to write a split that works a group only once per week, any more than that and some say you are over training.

    working your bi's four times in one week is quite alot. what are your current stats,diet,BF% and exp in the gym?

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    i dont think your routine makes any sense at all.....

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    i got soo confused trying to read that workout...

    why make everything so difficult?
    Simplicity is the best form! The easier the better...dont think to much into it..

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