Hi all. This is my first time posting (although I have been lurking for awhile now). Just started hitting the weights again after almost 3years of no activity (due to an illness). It's been almost a month now since I started back. A couple of weeks ago I decided I would try running a bit as I'm trying to get rid of some bodyfat that I have accumulated over the last three years due to meds and a sedentary lifestyle. The last week, however, I started having pain in both of my knees. Saw a doctor today and he concluded that I have bursitis of the knees. Told me to cut out running and all leg (weight) excercises for a month or so (and gave me a 30day prescription of anti-inflammatories). I was wondering if anyone else has ever had this problem and ,if so, did you work through it or totally lay off all leg activity. It's pretty frustrating to finally be able to work out again and then have something like this sideline me. Thanks in advance and great board!