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    What to take after a cardio session

    Im on a low carb diet (the crum diet as posted on elite fitness, the most successful diet over there.)

    Basically no carbs except 70g dextrose post workout. Im not working out, just doing HIIT cardio for 20 mins instead of the workout, because I need to reach a weight level, and I fear creatine and the dextrose will rob me of satisfying my deadline.

    I ate the other day 1 tbsp of natty pb after the workout, because of its efas and fat burning properties. Should I have whey and pb instead?
    Or simply whey?

    1 tbsp of olive oil and 1 tbsp of pb are my total fat intake so urces.
    So far its been working great, wondering if its right.
    Input appreciated.

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    bump, super bump actually

    I am going to be doing HIIT sessions mostly alone now too, since I have to take 2-4 weeks off from an injury. Was wondering what would be the best for post HIIT - shake with whey, shake with whey + dextrose, real meal, wait an hour then real meal??


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    I don't have soild data to back this up but I think dextrose is unnecessary following HIIT since your glycogen levels are not depleted enough to require a large slin spike. Maybe I'm wrong here but I know if I were to have dextrose following an exhausting HIIT session, the dextrose would cancel out the high calorie burning training I just endured. I would rather opt for 10 grams of glutamine pre-workout to preserve muscle and around 30 grams of protein post-workout to replenish depleted glycogen levels.

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    try ABB Mass Recovery Drinks. they only have 2 carbs - 40g of Protein and only $3.40 per bottle. thats what i drink... i'm only allowed 15g of carbs per day and 13 of those grams goes too 1 cup of Milk.

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    what exactly is "HIIT"??

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    Im not sure what the whole thing stands for but it something like High Intensity Training.

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