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Thread: Is this enough?

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    Is this enough?

    Just wondering if this is enough exercises for trying to put on size/strength:

    Day 1


    Flat Bench - 3s 6r
    Incline Db Press - 3s 6r
    Cable Crossovers - 3s 6r
    C/Grip Bench - 3s 6r

    Dips - 3s 6r
    French Press - 3s 6r

    Day 2


    Deadlifts - 3s 6r
    Bent Over Rows - 3s 6r
    Wide Lat Pulldown -3s 6r
    Narrow Machine Row - 3s 6r

    Preacher Curls - 3s 6r
    Seated DB curl -3s 6r

    Day 3


    Overhead Press -3s 6r
    Side Raises -3s 6r
    Front Raises -3s 6r
    Smith Machine Press - 3s 6r

    Upright Row -3s 6r
    Shrugs - 3s 6r

    Day 4


    Squat -3s 6r
    Leg Extension -3s 6r
    Hamstring Extension Machine - 3s 6r
    Leg Press -3s 6r

    Seated Calf Raises -3s 6r
    Standing Calf Raises -3s 6r

    I am eating extra calories and have already got my diet sorted in another thread on here. Obviously I am training heavier and have dropped the reps as shown but i don't know if their are enough exercises or if i am missing anything. I am not running any steroid cycle. I will most likely be doing two days on, one day off, then two days on, two days off for my training days.

    Thanks for any feedback

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    I think it looks great

    maybe throw in wide grip pullups instead of pulldown and make sure your overhead press is with db's if ur gunna do smith machine later in the workout

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    Thanks. I'll take those changes into consideration.

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