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    My Football routine for POWER and MASS

    What do you guys think of this routine for a football player whos also looking to add on some size:

    1. Monday:

    Am - Cardio
    Acceleration Sprints
    Intense Weighted Plyometrics

    PM - Upper Body
    9x Barbell Bench Press (incline,flat,decline)
    3x Barbell Rows
    3x Chinups
    3x Snatches

    2. Tuesday: Off

    3. Wednesday: Lower Body

    5x Heavy Sqauts
    2x Leg press
    1x Leg curl + 1x Leg extension
    3x SLDL
    3x Calf press
    3x abs

    4. Thursday:

    Am - cardio

    5. Friday:

    pm - Upper Body
    5x Deadlifts
    2x Military Press
    3x Clean and press
    2x Side Laterals
    1x Front Raises
    3x Barbell Curls + 3x Close-grip Bench Press
    2x Rotating Curls + 2x Skull Crushers
    1x Hammer Curls
    3x Abs

    6. Saturday:

    Explosive Full body day
    Dips, pushups, heavy Jumping squats, good mornings, Power cleans, etc
    all move done in an explosive fashion, with or without weighted vests. main emphasis on lower body moves like jumping sqauts.
    Accel Sprints

    7. Sunday: Off

    Goals: Get way faster sprint time by the time season starts. Gain alot of strenght/power, as much as possible. Gain atleast 20-30lb of muscle.

    My cycle:

    500mg test-c (1-12weeks)
    Anandrol 50mg (weeks 1-3)
    D-bol 45 mg (weeks 3-6)
    HGH 4iu ED (5on2off)

    Pct: nolva, letrozole , hcg , clen

    What do yuo guys think of this program? Anything i should change? will i gain alot of strenght on this program? i wanna incease bench and squat alot, thinking about making some tweaks, or possiblly switching programs, any advice?

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    It's not going to work well!

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    its shitty, train movements not body parts you are an athlete.

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    Quote Originally Posted by buckeyefootball4 View Post
    its shitty, train movements not body parts you are an athlete.
    When i saw my thread had a reply in the threads section with your username, i already knew you were gonna either say the typical "bodybuilding and football are 2 different things" or the infamous one-liner i see you saying alot "your routine sucks". I wish for once youd actually constructively critique the persons lifting instead of just saying "your program is shitty". Id really love that, the reason im posting this is 2 infact be lead into the right direction. Saying that "it sucks" does absolutly nothing but make you look like a fool. When you see someone curling with sloppy form in the gym, do you say to them "hey dood ur lifting sux dood"?

    Maybe tell me exactly why it sucks so much. How about giving me your routine for example. And if you notice the thread title, it indicates that i do infact wanna gain mass. So wether thats the smart thing to do or not, thats my goal. Obviously i have my reasons.

    and i dont understand why everyone in football is so agaisnt curling. Or wat bothers me even more, your simply not aloud to look good...even if your the best player on the feild.

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    You need to focus on legs trunk shoulders and back. Arms and chest play big importance but not as much as these other parts.

    Do/ did you play higher level football? Most collegiate teams have some of the most basic and overall highest quality workouts. I think there are some on here someplace. Just have to search.

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    Sorry to say but more and more u will have to deal with people on this board sayin something is dumb instead of actually helpin

    People find one thing that works for them and don't honestly know how to help others, so they say that's dumb or shitty or stupid instead of helping

    As far as ur plan, u do need to give alittle more detail about yourself.what's ur height, weight. Age. Goals, position in football... and what level are u at now with ur stregth and speed..??

    Weights are great, but make sure u are doin a lot of core work. Also work on fast power movements not so much isolation movements.. Study some plyometric(sp?) workouts they can be a big help. So look into those more, and focus around them..

    U might want to not worry about juice untill u get into ur workout. Let the juice help u break a platue when u get to it. Don't start off with them

    Other than that I can't be a big help im not a pro, but look around there are some still here, tho most have left this site over the past 6 months
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