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    Hurt my shoulder...

    Well last week I decided to take a whole week off except for chest day, bad idea! I was doing 315lbs and on my 3rd set, I went down and felt this kinda ripping on my right side, right on top of my arm pit, where you normally get all those stretch marks and stuff. So went to the doctor as precaution cause it wasn't hurting that much, he took xrays and he said everything looked fine. He said to Ice it and take Advil for a bit and try working out depending how it feels. Well I did back on tuesday and everything was fine, I kinda thought that it would be since it only seems to hurt on pushing movements, yesterday was shoulder, ouch, warmed up, I could feel a bit of pain then tried heavier and same thing, I was sooo pissed, so I kept doing shoulder with laterals which I have no problem with. Now here's my questions, how bad can it be if I dont do shoulder presses for the next week or two eventhought I just took a week off... will I totally lose all my strengh... I'm skipping chest this week, that's no problem. Another thing, my strengh is still there, it's if I go all the way down, it streches and doesn't feel right, has anyone had this before... and is there a better cure or something that can speed up recovery better then icing it all the time? Any help would be appreciated, someone give me somekind of good news . Yes I cut and pasted from my original post at meso to get more responses.

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    A. you can't work through injuries, and you will not grow if you keep re-injuring your delt.
    B. let it heal and you'll regain any progress you'll lose a lot faster than if you try and work through the injury.

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    yea like dumbells said...dont try and train through the injury, you'll face further injury to that area if u keep on working it, the best thing for an injury is rest, and lots of it, a week off here and there isnt a bad thing, just dont get in the habbit of sure your strength will be back to norm in no time, just have patience and let ur injury heal.....good luck

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    Bro, it sounds like you are having minor pec tears. This is not something to take lightly.

    Avoid all heavy pressing & chest movements until fully healed. Ice the pec as often as you can and take anti-inflammatories if there's any swelling.

    Once the pain has gone start massaging the area 4 or 5 times a day and do very light exercise for the pec and lots of gentle, 30 second stretches (stretch the other pec at the same time - you don't want to injure that one next either).

    Any injury will lead to scar tissue formation. Each injury will increase your potential for a full blown muscle tear.

    I tore my pec 90% last year and now can't even do a press up - I wouldn't wish this on the world to anyone and I'd hate to see your injuries get worse bro. Please take care and research muscle tear injury recovery as much as you can...

    Good luck,


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