this was a response from me in another thread, but after reading it, i tihnk it deserves its own thread

I have seen some guys tlaking about 20 rep squats, this is how I do mine

firstly, I hit my ass to form is text book perfect, as i slowly control the descent, a slight pause at the bottom so i dont bounce, and forcefully ascend up and repeat

so, I will typically get 10 without pausing, take about 2 breaths, get 11 and 12.....Now I am about dead and ready to drop but take 3 deep breaths and get 13, 14, and 15.....Now the pain is excruciating and I feel like I can barely stand....i can feel lactic acid coming but i take 3 deep breaths, get 16, take 3 deep breaths get 17, take 3 deep breaths get 18, by now I am shaking and moaining because it hurts so freaking bad, I cant even describe the pain, take 4 deep breaths and find it within myself to get 19, I am in tears now, take 4 deep breaths and a grunt of aganizing pain comes out as I get 20, but wait im not done yet, take 4 deep breaths and out comes a loud aganizingly painful grunt as i get 21, by now, I am not sure that I am even alive the pain is so intense, some how some way i find it within myself to try for one more, my back is worn out, so i go at about parellel because my back cant take anymore, i almost dont get the weight up, but with a loud grunt somehow some way make it up, rack the weight, and collapse into the portable military press seat i put right in front of the squat rack...I am huffing and puffing like a locomotive with the immense self satisfaction i beat what I got last time while i frantically unravle my knee wraps....soon enough, that rush gets stopped dead in tracks as nausea sets this point, i restrain from puking, or sometimes i have to let it about 15-20 minutes, i will stumble on do finish out hamstrings and calves, and stumble out of the gym in a dizzying state of confusion.

this my friend, is the 20 rep breathing squat, and will not fail to give you the leg thickness and size of a true champion...nothing else comes close to hypertrophying the legs