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    check out my program guys looking for advice

    Hi boys and girls I need some help with my workout program, here's a little background on me. Exactly two years ago I was around 140lbs with 10%bf and decided to start lifting. I did really well for the first six months and was up to around 180lbs with around 13-14%bf by last summer. The first 20-25lbs were the easiest to gain and the rest took a lot of time and hard work. Anyway last summer I was t-boned by a drunk truck driver and couldn't work out for a few months. I had a fractured right humerus and I lost close to 20lbs when they took the cast off 3 months after the accident because of poor diet and not working out. Anyway it has been harder to get back to lifting because of school/work and bad choices(too much partying) but I am back and more dedicated than ever. I would much rather spend my money on gym membership, food and whey and feel great than waste it all on booz and ladies . Anyway I have gained around 10lbs of quality mass the last 2-3 months and I think I have my diet down(i'll make a diet post shortly)

    Here are my stats as of today
    172lbs 6" and 23years old, 13-15% bf

    my goals are to hit 200lbs by the end of the summer and keep fat gains to a minimum. I am all natural and only use creatine and lots of whey

    This is the program I have used, it is realy not showing as much progress as it did when I started lifting two years ago. So guys please help me come up with a better program, right now my chest and abs are really lagging

    I do 3 sets of each exercise and try to keep weights as high as possible and sets are usually 10/8/6 wed,sat,Sundays are off, started rotating barbells and dumbbells each week because my right arm is about 3/4" bigger than my left. I am a hard gainer and have to keep proteins above 200g/4000calories to see gains

    Monday: Chest, Biceps
    Bench press
    Incline press
    Vertical bench press

    Barbell curls
    Dumbbell curls
    EZ-barbell curls

    Tuesday: Legs
    Squats (my favorites )
    Leg press
    Hack squats

    Thursday: Shoulders, Triceps
    Behind the neck press
    Standing upright rows
    Front overhead press
    Lying triceps press
    Overhead triceps press
    Triceps pushdown

    Friday: Back, Calves
    Front latpulldown
    Seated cable rows
    Dumbbell rows
    Standing calf raises
    Seated calf raises
    Bend-over calf raises

    sorry about the long post, and also for being the duche trying to be all natural in a steroid forms,,, I am defiantly nowhere near my natural potential

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    Quote Originally Posted by MR_T View Post

    Monday: Chest, Triceps
    Incline Bench
    Flat Bench
    Butterflies or Cable Crossovers

    Close Grip Bench
    Angled Bar Pressdowns

    Tuesday: Legs
    Squats (my favorites )
    Leg press
    Leg Curls
    Standing and Seated Calf Raises

    Thursday: Back, Biceps
    Pull Ups
    Bent Over Rows
    T Bar Rows

    Standing Barbell Curl
    Preacher EZ Grip Curl
    Dumbell Incline Curl

    Friday: Shoulders, Traps
    Military Press
    Side Laterals
    Reverse Butterflies

    Farmers Walk

    First off, congrats on getting back into working out and such.

    I made some changes in red, of what I would.

    Check out the sample bulking diet in the diet section. It will help you tremendously.

    My spilt would actually look like

    sat & sun-off

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    just curious why move tris to mondays? I have been splitting chest and tris up because i thought i could get a better workout by working a different muscle group instead, whats better?

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    well im not a workout guru but doing chest and tris on the same day is a good split, think about it when you work out your chest its mainly chest but your also using tris, so why not burn both muscle groups aslo imo makes for a better training schedule training muscle groups that incorporate others if that makes sense..

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    so its been a couple of weeks thought I should update you guys... turns out combining chest and tris does not work so well for me... xlxBigSexyxlx im going to try out your suggestion for a couple more weeks but maybe you guys can help me come out with a better program.

    Right now my chest is lagging and I have found that i cant concentrate as much on it when I do tris the same day... when I'm done my arms would be dead and my chest would still have a little left but I would be unable to do anything with it because arms are gone.. Do you guys think i should give this a couple more weeks to adjust or just switch back? or maybe do chest twice a week?

    ps I had a body fat test done my official stats are 9.7%(caliper average of 3) body fat, 176lbs as of this morning right out of bed and 6' tall
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