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    Arms twice a week? Abs question too.

    hey everyone, im 5'10, 27yrs old, 200-205lbs, been training since late teens, done gear in the past but totally natural past few years and plan on staying that way. i used to bounce in a nightclub in my younger twenties, we all trained together and i got involved with gear there but im all set now, have a family and just trying to stay natural, be healthy and look good. i just take a good Multi, Glutamine and Kre Alkalyn.

    anyways, is training arms 2x a week to much? i love lifting but arms by far is my favorite thing to train and i always get compliments on my arms. i do them every Tuesday and then on some weeks ill do them again on Friday or Saturday. some weeks ill do them like always on Tuesdays then end of the week do some bi's with back and some tri's with chest or shoulders.

    right now im trying to get a little leaner for the summer and get my abs showing so ive stepped up the cardio and ab workouts a bit, changed a few things in my diet. i do alot of my workouts at the house, i have a nice setup in my basement and i just bought a recumbant bike for the house also. so if my diet is in check do u think 30mintues on the bike 4x a week and abs 3x a week should be ok?

    i other thing, sometimes i do chest twice a week, always on Mondays and sometimes ill hit it again thursday or friday.

    thanks for any help and suggestions!
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    i would cut the abs down to 2x/wk

    yeah, you can do an arm day, then three or four days later do tri/chest and back/bis

    try 30-40min 4-5x per week on am empty stomach before breakfast, if you're really hungry when you wake up eat some protein, no carbs though, then eat your carbs after your cardio

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    You can do arms twice a week if you want, a lot of people train full body two or three times a week.

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    Trial arms twice a week for 6 weeks. If you don't see any improvement by the end of the 6 weeks, either your diet wasn't proper during the 6 weeks, or your body doesn't repond well to that sort of volume.

    IMO heavy barbell curls (with 1 or 2 forced reps from a spotter after failure), close-grip bench press, skullcrushers, and negative-only dips will build huge upper arms. The rest of the isolation exercises for these muscles are not necessary.

    I say "negative-only dips" because it completely shocks the tricep muscle if it used to conventional dips, adds thickness to your tricep (lower region in particular), and will really strengthen your joints and ligaments. When your joints and ligaments in your shoulders and arms are strong, you will ultimately be able to push more weight with exercises that involve those (shoulders and arms) muscles.
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