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    Split leg training


    Has anyone tried a split leg training ?

    that is quads one day, hamstrings one day and calves one day ?
    If so, what were your results? better than an ordinary training ?
    Also if someone has time and has it written somewhere , i would appreciate if u would copy it here.

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    No one does that. The only time someone might do that(but I have never heard of it) if they were a pro body builder and were weak in a certain area.

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    ive done it b4 and with good results. really helped with my lagging hams and might have contributed to some of my heaviest deadlifting ever. here is a couple diff splits i used

    mon chest/delts
    tue quads/calves
    wed lats/traps
    thu off
    fri arms
    sat lowerback/hams/calves
    sun off

    mon chest/tris
    tue quads/calves
    wed lats/bis
    thu off
    fri lowerback/hams
    sat delts/traps
    sun off

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