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Thread: Workout program

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    Workout program

    Ive gotten alot of need answers to alot of my questions on this board with btw has a never ending pit of Knowledge here.. Im to be starting my test cycle soon. My ?? is ive ran 2 cycles of a workout prog called P90x (not sure if im suppose to names) which has worked wonders with combined diet and workouts. Now when i start my noob Test cycle should i hit the Gym or could i possiblely try it out with the P90x? Just dont wanna waste it. Im no stranger to the Gym its just i work durnin the day and my wife at night which i have 2 children with me everynight. I have a full Bowflex Gym with the Dumbbells pullup bar bands. So if the program isnt a good idea whats a good routein..
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    P90X? So you have a beach body! Yes!

    sorry I had to say that

    Seriously you need to hit the gym or get to the free weights somehow.
    Last I checked you can't squat, deadlift or really bench with Bowflex. All of which you should be doing if you are even considering a cycle (which you should probably not be considering based on this post.)

    Everyone here has kids, wives, jobs, school, etc., etc. It is a sacrifice to do what we love and that is why not everyone does it or does it effectively.

    1) Gyms are open 24 hours
    2) Purchase your own free weights, bench and squat rack - sell that Shitflex

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    lol i do have a good ol bench with 300lbs of free weights. Not that i could ever lift that amount lol. Cant sell that mach thoe my wife put me in debt on that one lol...

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