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    clean and press technique

    hey, just curious. do you guys that incorporate clean and presses into your workouts set it back on the floor in between reps (when doing more than 1 rep, obviously) and go through the whole motion again or do you just drop the bar back to your waist and clean it again? I've always just dropped it to waist level and cleaned it back up..I'm thinking it's a little more difficult this way because it takes more of your legs out of the equation but I'm wondering if I should perhaps load up a little more weight and go through the whole motion to get all the benefits(endocrine stimulation) of a total body effort? thoughts would be appreciated.

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    I do include power cleans and presses. They are wonderful and help you build overall strength. I don't do the full squat power cleans like I used to because my knees are getting old and achy.

    Back when I was 17-20 years old, I did them on a weekly basis and had the best results of strength and muscle gains without using the gear.

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    I do them first exercise of the week with my shoulders. I go to the floor but dont let it bag. Just control and let it lightly touch the floor then one constant motion for the next rep. Its a really good way to warm up everything, and gets your heart pumping from the off.

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    one of my old favorite lifts, i always do continued reps with out lettting go, but it could work out both ways i guess

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    i love em and i only do full motion.

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    I like a powerclean on back day if I'm involving traps that day.

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    cleans are great but i recomend just dropping the weights cuz other wise ull fuk up ur back, i learned that one the hard way but if ur gym dosent have rubber plates ur probly sol

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