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    Question Arms

    My upper body is growing quite nicely. The only problem I see is that my arms aren't growing like the rest of my body. I work out just as hard with my arms, maybe its just my mind. I dunno, my routine is 1 day chest, 2nd arms, 3rd back, 4th shoulders, 5th legs. My arm work out consists of ez-barcurl, skull crushers, rope-handle hammer curl, seated french press, one arm grip press down, and seated alternative dumbell curl. I do 5 sets at about 8 reps of each and increase weight as I go. Could it be the exercises? My mind? Do some body parts grow slower? Could it be that my arms don't agree with the exercises?? Any opinions oferred appreciated. Thanks

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    You shouldn't be doing arms the day after doing chest.
    Try something like:
    Day 1 chest
    Day 2 back
    Day 3 shoulders
    Day 4 legs
    Day 5 arms
    Try going to 4 sets. 12 10 8 6

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    Are you training naturally or are you assisted by anabolics?

    My question is where is your rest day?

    If you're hitting chest, arms then back 3 days in a row you are basically working your arms 3 days in a row with no break... You're hitting tris hard with chest, then bis hard working your back, simply put you're overtraining a small muscle group and that's probably why they're not growing...

    If you're training natural, unless you're one in a million you are over-training bro, and you can't grow when you're body is in a over-trained state...

    Try working out 2 on 1 off if size is your goal...

    day 1 chest/bis
    day 2 legs
    day 3 off
    day 4 delts/tris
    day 5 back
    day 6 off
    day 7 repeat

    Don't forgot how important diet is if you want to grow...

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    you are probably overtraining bro. like buff said you are doing arms three days in a row. Do tris with chest and bis with back, this way they have ample time to recover. If you really want to have an "arm" day, do it on your lastday of the week. also, heavy weight on bench, deadlift, tbars and other such exercises is what builds mass, not a 2 hour workout of 100 sets of curls. go for overall strength, the more strength you build the more mass you will build. worked for me

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    The other fellas have some good advice. My one comment is .. given what you said about your arm workout, it equals 30 sets total - 15 each for bis & tris. Most will tell you that's a bit much for arms. 9 - 10 sets each for bis & tris is plenty for most trainers. Maybe try cutting back and see how that helps.

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