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    Question ??? about Total Body Workout???

    wats goin on guys....quick ?? for ya...due to other shit thats going on right now for me, i have to limit my time in the gym...i was looking to do a total body 2 times a week...possibly 3 .....what would be a good maybe many sets...reps....time of rest....i tried somethnig last week...just wanted to get some more ideas...BTW i have a good base already...been working out for about 4 years now...5'8 175....just looking to knock everything out w/o being at the gym 4-5 days a week..thanx

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    Do the following twice a week. Just keep to the big basics, eat well and you will grow with a quick workout twice a week.

    Squats x 1 set of 20 foolowed straight away by light lying pulloversx20
    Bench Press x 2
    Chins x 2
    Bent Over Rows x 1
    Abs x 2

    Workout 2 :

    Deadlifts x 1 set of 15
    Military BB Press x 2
    Weighted Dips x 2
    Barbell Curls x 1
    Dumbell Shrugs x 1

    good luck with whatever you do, go hard for 3 months and them have a week off.

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