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    Talking Need a crazy leg routine HELP!!!!!!!

    can anyone help me out
    i'm looking for a grueling leg routine so if you have sumthin that will make me crawl inta the washroom and start puking my guts out
    please let me know
    thanks in advance
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    I start with squats working my way up to my working weight then do 3 sets on that weight so I'm doing about 6 sets in all. After that I go to dumbell lunges alternating legs and do sets of 20 (10 on each leg) then go do 3 sets leg extensions, 3 sets legs curls alternating between extensions and curls. Then I do 3 sets of calf raises. I don't do much calf because they are a little more developed. I can do all this because I only do legs once a week and only do legs on that day. I takes me about an hour. Hope this helps

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    squats 4 sets
    leg press 4 sets
    leg ext. 4 sets
    leg abductor 4 sets
    leg inflexor 4 sets
    leg curls 5 sets
    standing calves 6 sets

    1st set of squats, moderate warm up, then heavy, heavy, HEAVY.

    Bring a barf bag or put a trash can next to the leg press machine for that 4th set.

    Good luck!

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