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    Unhappy What are the odds for me to get back to gym?

    I've been suffering from a chronic shoulder injury for about 6 months and been out of action for a long time. I visited many specialists and they say I have bursitis/tendinitis due to stress and type 3 (hooked) acromion bone. I have tried all the conventional methods: rest, ice, anti-inflam. drugs and even cortisone shots. It tends to heal a little but never completely and comes back again after stopping treatment.

    Now it has become so bad that it hurts even during daily use of my shoulder/arm. Most of doctors say I need a surgery (acromioplasty) in which they will shave that hooked part of the acromion, clean the area, take out the inflammed bursa. According to them the odds that I'll be back to active sports are around %80....not so bad if you believe them.

    Did any of you (or someone you know) have such a shoulder surgery? What were the results??? Do you think I could weightlift again?

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    i would do the surgery if its goona help you. and dont worry, you will be able to train again most likely just maybe not as heavy.

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    As far as weightlifting, it will most likely just limit above the head tension exercises.Thats not a huge issue because you can use substitute movements that focus on the same muscle group. My brother had to have miroscopic shoulder surgery about a year ago, now hes back at 100% and is my occasional workout partner. Use what the doctor recommends for recovery time as a guideline and slowly use light resistence to re-strengthen it. Best of luck to you

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    Technically, it all depends on how bad you want to workout. Granted, due to your injury surgery may be unavoidable. But take your doctor's advise when he/she gives it to you but mostly to an extent.

    I had orthoscopic surgery performed on my left knee back in early 1989 and again in mid-1994. The first time was for torn legiment and the second was for torn legiment and cartiledge. After that 2nd surgery, my doctor told me that I would have to give up powerlifting entirely. So of course, upon returning to the gym about a month later I sure as hell didn't walk up to the squat rack and began squatting 500 pounds. I did as he said and concentrated on bodybuilding. Unfortunately, I got bored with bodybuilding in about a week or two and decided to get back into powerlifting, except I took it slowly and one day at a time.

    So bro, if iron is pumping in your blood, GO 4 IT!! But by all means, take it slow and allow your injury to heal first. Chances are that after your surgery, you may have to handle light presses for a while but definately NO flyes.

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