Im 20 years old, been training seriously for about 3 years. i currently weight 64kg and have been at this weight for a good year now. last summer i took sus 250 and deca for 8 weeks shooting every 4 days. i got up to 71kg but most was water retention.

My routine is:
Monday: chest
Bench press - 4 sets, 65kg - 12 rep, 70kg - 10rep, 75kg-8rep, 80kg6 - rep
Inclne dumbell press - 3 sets, 26kg - 12rep, 28kg - 10rep, 30kg - 8rep
lying cable flyes - 3 sets, 15kg - 12rep, 20kg - 10rep, 20kg - 8rep
incline cable flyes - 3sets, same as above
Decline cable flies - 3sets, 25kg - 12reps, 30kg - 10reps, 30kg - 8reps
Press ups till failure x 3

tuesday: Cardio
Mixed martial arts/ kickboxing 2 hours

Wednesday: Back
Pull ups - 3sets 10reps 8 reps 8 reps
Seated row - 3 sets 49kg - 12rep, 56kg - 10rep, 56kg - 10 rep
Lat pull down - 56kg - 12rep, 56kg -10rep, 63kg - 8rep
One arm cable row - 3sets, 40kg - 12rep, 45kg - 10rep, 50kg - 8rep,
Lower back extensions - 20rep x3

Thursday: cardio
Mixed martial arts/ kickboxing 2hours fighting, squats, situps ect

Friday: Shoulders
Dumbell shoulder press 4sets, 18kg-12rep, 20kg-10rep, 22kg-8rep, 24kg-6rep.
Front dumbel lat raises: 3sets, 6kg-12rep, 10rep, 8rep
Smith press, 3sets, 50kg-12rep, 50kg-10rep, 50kg-8rep
cable side raises, 8.5kg-12rep, 8.5kg-10rep, 10kg-8rep
upright dumbell rows, 3sets, 10kg-12rep, 10rep, 8rep
shrugs 30kg 12rep,10re, 10rep

Sat: arms
Dips 4sets 12rep 10rep 10rep 8 rep
Bicep curls, 3 sets, 14kg 12rep, 10rep, 10rep
Vbar cable, 3 sets, 70kg-12rep, 75kg-10rep, 80kg-8rep
Cable rope hammer curls, 3sets, 45kg-12rep, 45kg-10rep, 50kg-8rep
reverse grip cable bar, 3sets, 45kg-12rep, 50kg-10rep, 50kg-8rep
21's 3sets, 20kg
Kickbacks 3sets, 8kg-12rep, 10rep, 10rep
close grip zbar - 25kg-12rep, 10rep, 30kg-8rep

I try to follow a good diet however i have coeliac disease which is an intolerance to wheat, rye, oats and barley and struggle to follow any diet people post on here so any help in this field would be much appretiated.

How could my routine be improved and why have i stayed the same weight and shape for a year now.

please feel free to comment and say what you think.