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    my training schedule

    my goals are trying to gain muscle while dropping my bf%
    my stats
    weight 14st 6lb
    height 5ft 11
    bf% 15

    my diet
    breakfast 5egg omelete 3whole eggs 2whites bowl of porridge with 1scoop of protein mixed in.
    morning snack 1 tin of tuna in brown bread 1 handfull of almonds
    lunch the same as above
    1hour half before training 1jacket potatoe 1 tin of tuna
    train protein shake
    dinner sweet potatoes brocoli 8 oz of steak
    supper 1 tub of lowfat cottage cheese

    my taining schedule
    mon. chest and tris. 45mins

    tues.boxing very intense 1hour

    wend. back and traps

    thur. boxing very intense 1hour

    fri. back and bis

    sat 2hours mountain biking

    sun rest.

    do u think i can gain muscle with this routine, i dont do legs because i go bike riding on sunday thats a good leg workout. any input guys would be great guys cheers

    supps multi vit, zma, trubulus, creatine.
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    1) You always train legs regardless! Add in some squats and leg curls.

    2) You can gain if your diet is right.

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    i will add squats and leg curls on a wend night cheers.

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    try to get a FULL leg workout..doin squats and leg curls isnt really enough..

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