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    workout question

    I have this thing where after I am done working out and i am spent. I go in the house drink a shake and relax, but I always feel like going and doing my workout again 10min after i have spent an hour and a half training. Is anyone else like this?
    Ofcorse the next day is a different story if I would have went back out and did the workout again I would be fuking dead the next day. Im sore enough as it is the next couple days for body parts that I worked.

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    You just need one workout and your gains will come at home resting and eating. Never go back to the gym right away thats insane.

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    sometimes I get the same initial rebound of energy that you're talkin about. I figure its because of all the depleated muscle soaking up the sugars and protiens from the shake. My energy levels go back up but my muscle hasn't had a chance to say, "your tore down bro, sit on the couch listen to Lamb of God and mess with your laptop."

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