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Thread: bulking/cardio

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    I currently weight 158 pounds with 19% body fat. Ive been working out 6 days a week 5 days cardio since Sept consistantly. I can tell ive made ok progress, but i have this layer of fat hiding my progress.
    My goal is to bulk up. I work out alone so its hard for me to go heavy without a spotter. Is it possibly to bulk up doing high reps, or do I need to go heavy with low reps? Also am I doing enough cardio or not enough?

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    careful on trying to bulk while you are at 19%.

    You can def bulk on higher reps with the right workout program... you can still go a little heavy on reps without a spotter though. Heavy doesn't always mean going to failure.

    I will say that majority of what you are trying to accomplish will take place with the proper diet. This is true for cutting down and bulking. Go spend some time in the diet section.

    Sounds to me that you just want to transform. without any details on your program it sounds like you will transform with some more patience and continued work, but a big portion will have to take place in the kitchen. If you only started in September I will tell you that you have quite a bit more time and you are just starting out... patience.

    5 days of cardio is good, but it also dep ends on your goal and intensity.

    Good luck.

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