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    !!!-Need Help/Advice-!!!

    Ive been working out seriously for about 4 years now and i started out getting bigger and stronger and then it just all stopped. For the past 2 years i havent had any real improvements in size and strength and i want to know why!? I'm currently 20 yrs. old 6''1' and 215 pounds. ive been this size for the last 2 years. I eat around 3000 calories per day and even have raised it before but started putting on alot of fat. I take cytogainer and im taking n.o. explode, ive also tampered with some prohormones here and there but never found results. I train around 4 days per week and this has been my routine.
    (note i switch some workouts with thers from time to time for change)


    flat press 4/failure
    incline press 4/failure
    cable crossover 4/failure
    pushups 2/failure
    Ab-circuit-15 min.


    Pullups 2/warmup
    lat pulldowns 4/failure
    cable rows 4/failure
    barbell rows 4/failure
    reverse grip pulldowns 4/failure
    deadlifts 4/failure
    preacher curls 4/failure
    hammer curls 4/failure



    barbell press 4/failure
    lateral raises 4/failure
    barbell shrugs 4/failure
    rear lateral raises 4/failure
    dumbell press 4/failure
    AB-circuit 15 min.


    squats 4/failure
    leg ext. 4/fail
    leg curl 4/fail
    lunges 4/fail
    calf raises 4/fail
    push-ups 4/failure
    cable pulldown 4/failure
    close grip 4/failure

    Any advice would be great thanks!!!!
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    Why in the world would you train triceps with legs?...why not train them with chest??

    As far as not seeing results, you can only get so big and then you stop. At this point, you would have to bust your ass just to gain a pound or two of muscle. That is just they way it is. I assume you have never juiced?

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